Industry Rumor: Alex Cruz To Vacate British Airways CEO Position Following Latest Round Of Comedy Of Errors


There are some unconfirmed rumors swirling around that controversial British Airways CEO Alex Cruz will be leaving the company following a string of unfortunate situations over the years.

Cruz was named Chairman and CEO of British Airways 6 November 2015 and implemented drastic changes with the carrier that often drew lots of criticism.

Let’s emphasize that, at this point, these are nothing but unconfirmed rumors that dripped out of the IAG sphere. We’ll have to wait and see if it really comes from fruition.

Mr. Cruz has been blamed for transforming British Airways into a cookie cutter airline, racing to the bottom in order to compete with the strong low cost competition in Europe. Under his helm, BA cut onboard catering in Europe and even started charging for hot tea.

At the same time, BA suffered several IT related outages resulting in the complete meltdown of passenger operations, effecting hundreds of thousands of passengers over the course of all incidents.

Then there was also the infamous data leak BA bungled and was recently fined a record 183 million pounds for.

Just this week, the carrier notified thousands of people in error that their flights have been cancelled as a result of flight adjustments resulting from the announced pilot strike later next month. People were confused, made alternate arrangements and were then later told by BA “Sorry but not sorry, it’s back on!”.


It wouldn’t be surprising if the board and especially investors finally had enough with Mr. Cruz and his “headless snake” management style where nobody takes responsibility for anything. It’ll be highly interesting to see what comes of this rumor that he’s leaving.

The last few weeks there was quite extensive coverage of British Airways in the media and one investor was quoted as saying “the executives should bring order into the company again instead of partying with bloggers on the A350”. While it hurts reading this, as we love first hand industry insights, this likely mirrors the sentiment of the companies shareholders and customers these days.