Cathay Pacific Threatens To Fire Staff Who Participate General Strike


Cathay Pacific has been in turmoil ever since the latest protests in Hong Kong escalated. The CEO resigned and the airline is seen pandering to the Mainland China.

Cathay Pacific

Now, the airline has issued a memo above for its employees threatening to fire those who participate proposed general strike in early September.

Cathay Pacific has released the following statement to the media:

In response to media enquiries, the Cathay Pacific Group Code of Conduct outlines the fundamental principles of business conduct that we expect from our employees, and describes our commitment to maintaining the highest level of integrity, ethics, flight safety and quality at all times.

The Code of Conduct covers a wide spectrum of areas, including respect in the workplace, human rights, environment, health and safety, conflicts of interest, purchasing ethics, gambling, alcohol and other drugs, company property, confidential and/or proprietary information, intellectual property, data privacy, anti-bribery, conduct that may affect the company’s interests, competition and antitrust, whistleblowing, social media and professional engagements, etc.

We would also like to  reiterate that “whistleblowing” is not a newly added item of the Code of Conduct. We are committed to creating an environment which our colleagues are encouraged and protected to share any potential risk about safety and security.

The Cathay Pacific Group is committed to making ethical decisions on issues that affect our employees, customers, partners, community and the general public. The Code will be reviewed regularly in order to ensure that it continues to reflect the highest standards.


The media statement refers to the accusations that the airline is seeking staff members to inform the airline if colleagues are posting pro-democracy and other messages on social media.

The issue on hand is that China is tightening its control over Hong Kong despite the handover agreement with the UK that should have guaranteed territory’s economic and political systems for 50 years.

I guess that Cathay Pacific feels the need to take the side of mainlanders instead of Hongkongers that are concerned of their eroding civil liberties and inability to choose their own leaders/legislators.