Reader Email: Crowne Plaza Jerusalem Automatically Cancels Award Reservations


There appears to be an issue with Crowne Plaza Jerusalem that automatically cancels all award reservations that IHG Rewards Club members make.

Crowne Plaza Jerusalem

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You can access Crowne Plaza Jerusalem’s website here.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

Id like to tell you about a problem I’m having with a points reward stay at the C.P Jerusalem for a booking in September.

I made the original 3 night booking (for Sep 5-8 ) and about 10 days later I noticed it had been cancelled and the points returned to my account . At first I was concerned my account was compromised . I changed my pin and rebooked . A few days later it was cancelled again . This time I called IHG and they said that it was cancelled by the hotel . They said that someone from the hotel would be in touch . Four days later ( nobody contacted me ) it was cancelled again ! I tried direct mail to the hotel and to IHG Service on twitter . Twitter said someone would be in touch . Four days later (Nobody had been in touch at all ) It was cancelled again . This time another E Mail to the hotel and another empty promise from twitter . Tonight it was cancelled for the 5th time . Its always available to rebook again  . I called IHG again and the agent  couldnt give me any follow up from the previous call I logged . She tried to call the hotel but for the time there was no one on duty . More empty promises of someone will contact me . I’m aware that another person on Flyertalk is also having the same issue so it looks like a hotel system problem .

Its quite shameful that this level of contact over 2 weeks has gleaned not one response from the Hotel . I’m not sure where to go from here . I’m sure in the 2 weeks to my stay it will be cancelled a few more times if nothing is done.

And here’s an update from the reader:

I think I finally made some progress this morning in that a reservations agent from the hotel responded to me . They couldnt say why the previous reservations were cancelled but did say that they will make sure my current 6th reservation doesn’t get cancelled .

I cant say that Im looking forward to my stay at this hotel now but I want to burn some IHG points and the hotels in Israel at least provide a decent return compared to cash prices .


We contacted IHG spokesperson who said that they will work the reader regarding his award reservation.

Not sure why this hotel believes that it is acceptable for them to cancel all award reservations? I guess that they are not happy with the award reimbursement rates from the IHG, but that is the price they pay to be in the system.

I am glad that the reader was able to resolve his issue directly working with the hotel.