London Heathrow Under Drone Attack On Friday The 13th!

Passengers traveling to/from/through London Heathrow tomorrow – Friday the 13th may experience delays and flight cancellations due to planned drone demonstrations.

Heathrow Drone

Heathrow Pause says that are against the planned expansion are planning to fly drones around the airport disrupting air traffic.

Here’s the announcement from Heathrow:

Here’s the warning from Metropolitan police:

Here’s an excerpt from the BBC (access their piece here):

Climate change activist group Heathrow Pause aims to use devices within the no-fly zone as part of efforts to halt the airport’s planned expansion.

The Met’s Deputy Assistant Commissioner Laurence Taylor said a “robust policing plan” had been put in place.

Protesters said they have “no choice” but to carry out the action.

Heathrow Airport has said they intend for the airport to remain open with security measures in place.


London Gatwick and Heathrow experienced drone issues late last year that greatly disrupted traffic and caused harm to passengers trying to get to their destinations.

It is unclear how this demonstration tomorrow will affect the airport’s ability to handle flights. You should keep this in mind if you are planning to travel to/from/through Heathrow on Friday.

If your flight is cancelled or delayed due to this activity, the EC 261/2004 legislation applies. The airline is required to rebook affected passengers to their final destination at the earliest opportunity and provide care (hotels & meals) in case of long delays. As this is considered force majeure and outside of airlines’ control, the cash compensation due to delays and cancellations won’t apply.

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