Too Fat To Fly? Air India Sets Flight Attendants On Diet With Low Fat Inflight Meals


Air India seems to have an obsession with the weight of their flight attendants and once again made headlines for setting their crew on diet by catering them low fat meals for the journey.

The company has previously grounded members of their staff for being overweight which caused a lot of controversy over employment policies.

In 2015 the carrier suspended 130 of their flight attendants for being overweight, stating safety concerns and government regulations. In the last two years there were a number of court cases in India handling this issue.

Now the Times of India reports about yet the latest measure initiated by the carrier – mandatory diet!

National Carrier Air India (AI) has decided to serve special low-fat diet meals for its crew members.
“Taking into consideration the health factor of the crew, an initiative has been taken by the Director (Operations) to revise the in-flight food menu for the crew members. In view of the above, special low-fat diet meal crew has been worked out on day-wise basis in order to provide light and healthy meal with a home (Indian) touch,” read an Air India letter.

The letter further stated, “As per GM catering initially the changed menu will be introduced only on Ex- Delhi/Mumbai flights September 15 midnight on all domestic and international flights.”

Taking consideration of the health of cabin crew, the letter further said that, “The above same low diet food is applicable for all flying crew i.e cockpit (pilot) and cabin crew.”

For breakfast, the crew will be offered dishes like Nutri Peas Bhurji, Besan Chilla, Idli-Sambar and oats for vegetarians. In addition Mushroom Egg White Omelette, Oats Frittata of Egg white, Asparagus Egg White Frittata will be available in the non-vegetarian menu.

“All the dishes in the food menu are low on cholesterol and fat. This initiative will help our crew to remain healthy and fit,” said an Air India official.

The initiative of Air operator comes days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the ‘Fit India’ movement.

The catering will be limited to Air India hub flights in the starting phase. Hard to say what the carriers motivation is here. Generally it’s to be commended trying to offer the employees more healthy dining options but given the autocratic history of Air India I’m not so sure that’s their primary objective.


In how far this measure makes actual sense in the bigger picture maybe a dietician can answer in detail but just low fat meals don’t mean much. Carbs have a big impact and so does the choice of beverages. Soda isn’t exactly good.

I wonder how popular this measure is with actual Air India flight crew. I guess there will always be a number of passenger meals left over so they could indulge in that if so desired.