Whine Wednesday: Guys – Do You Need Earbuds?


Whine Wednesday this week deals with an issue that many of us are forced to deal with when in semi-public spaces – unnecessary noise.

Whine Wednesdays Guys Do You Need Headphones

I really don’t understand why people cannot take or make their phone calls/Facetime elsewhere or think that streaming content from their mobile device with full volume without headphones or earbuds in a semi-public space is acceptable?

While I was typing away in the Renaissance club lounge with noise canceling earbuds on, these two gentleman thought that it would be perfect time to stream some sports with the volume way up. I waited for a while before asking if they needed earbuds. I guess that they got the hint as they stopped the streaming and soon left.


I try my best to understand noise made by kids, but still wish they were so well-mannered as Japanese children. However I am not sure why adults believe that streaming content, having Facetime or regular calls without having headphones or earbuds on is acceptable?

These lounges at the airports or hotels are not quiet. People talking or having a TV on is background noise that doesn’t disturb me, that’s perfectly normal.

People taking/making calls usually unintentionally talk louder and don’t get me started about Facetime calls without earbuds/headphones. That’s getting into the area of being indifferent to others.

We all consume content on portable devices in this day and age. Modern technology doesn’t mean old fashioned manners should go, we should always be courteous to others.