Reader Question: How To Keep Track Of Promotional Hilton Honors Offers & How To Report Incorrectly Credited Bonus?

A LoyaltyLobby reader dropped us a message about Hilton Honors resort promotion for up to 30,000 bonus points and how to deal with misposted promotional points.

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You can access Hilton Honors here.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

We’re Hilton honors members and while checking account my recent account activity, I noticed I was shorted my 5000 points per night resort (up to 30,000) bonus for certain hotels – which our resort – Puerto Vallarta qualified us for. I called and they credited us our points.

I know I had signed up through your website for several promotions. What’s the best way to keep track of the promotions and bonuses I should be receiving? Just taking screen shots and keeping a folder to insure that Hilton is correctly crediting our accounts? What do you suggest? Fortunately, I remembered the 30K bonus (only because it was such a large bonus), but how else can we track them?

Reader sent another email few minutes later:

Actually, Hilton upped our total points by 20K, however, as you can see our 5K points per night at resorts offer hasn’t been updated. Additionally, we should’ve had a 25K bonus. Please advise.

Reader here must be referring to the following offer:

New Hilton Honors members can earn up to 30,000 bonus points through January 31, 2020.

Hilton Honors New Member Bonus 2019

Hilton Honors New Member Up To 30,000 Bonus Points Through January 31, 2020

When you register for one of these often targeted offers, there are two possible outcomes:

Hilton Honors New Member Bonus 2019 Confirmation

The registration is successful


Somewhat cryptic message telling to call Hilton Honors if there is a promo registration issue.

Hilton Honors My Offers (access here):

Hilton Honors has a page on its website that shows all the offers that you have signed up for (no idea what this Oracle one in my profile is).

You may once in a full moon find an offer here too that you are eligible but have not yet signed up for

What reader should do?

You can always confirm, whether you have signed up for an offer or not, by trying again. It then tells you if you were previously registered for it or not.

Hilton Honors has posted reader’s account 5,000 bonus points under this offer which implies that they did agree that this is valid offer for her. As long as this bonus has not been posted to other possible stays, I would contact Hilton Honors Gold email support at ( and explain that the bonus posted only for one night when it should have for all five and 20,000 points should be added.


This specific offer is open for all new and select existing Hilton Honors members as explained on the original piece that I wrote.

Readers were able to sign up for two offers this year before Hilton Honors tightened up the criteria (the last sign up window lasted for only 12 hours or so). I have had some issues with incorrect promotional points posting as of late and there should be a piece up about this early next week.