Reader Questions: Choice Privileges Cambria Diamond Status Match?

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Choice Privileges launched an interesting Diamond-match for members with a competing program status and who stay at least once at Cambria-brand (read more here and here).

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You can access Choice’s page for Cambria match here.

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Couple of readers sent us questions regarding aspects of this match that weren’t clearly communicated on the Choice’s page.

Here are the questions that we received from the reader:

After several phone calls to Choice Privileges customer service as well as a few individual Cambia hotels I can report that this status match program is not well understood or constructed.

The concern of many would be that if you have had a status match with Choice in the past, are you excluded from this new and unprecedented Diamond status match due to lifetime language about status matching on the website.

In other words, if you go out of your way to stay at a Cambria property to match Diamond, will you be declined if you status matches previously? There were no clear answers.


I applied for a got Status match from Hilton Diamond to Choices Platinum. I have also booked a stay at a Cambria Hotel. I emailed Choice Hotels regarding the Diamond match but they did not answer me. They just matched me to Platinum.

Do you think Choice Hotels will still upgrade me to Diamond after my Camdria stay if I send them the receipt?

We forwarded these questions to Choice’s spokesperson who sent us the following statement:

To clarify, Choice offers two status matching programs. The traditional program matches members’ status from a competing program, once in a lifetime, up to Choice Privileges’ Platinum level.

The second program allows members to “jump” directly to Diamond status – regardless of their status elsewhere –  after a stay at a Cambria hotel. Under this program, we will allow members to reapply for a status jump, even if we have previously matched their status through our other program.

Members are encouraged to contact with any questions about their status.

To the specific example cited in your original email, yes, once we receive proof of a completed Cambria stay, the member will be upgraded to Diamond.


So, members who have taken advantage of the Choice Privileges status match previously, are indeed eligible for this Diamond one as well.

It seems, based on the reply from the Choice Privileges spokesperson, that members who recently applied for the Platinum-match can get their status upgraded to Diamond after emailing them a copy of a folio from Cambria stay.

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