Reader Question: Marriott Hotel Only Upgrades When Staying One Night?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a question about an issue that he was suddenly having at the Marriott Cincinnati Airport (previous stays had been fine).

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Here’s the email from the reader:

Just a question, I recently stayed at the Cincinnati airport Marriott in Hebron Kentucky, This was my fourth stay in the past few months.

I was Platinum and on this stay made Titanium status and asked about an upgrade. The desk clerk stated that since I was staying 5 nights, their policy was to only upgrade those staying 1 night, not multiple nights.

This hotel recently changed hands and they seem to be in a race to take many of their previously excellent benefits away.

They stopped giving free water, stopped free alcohol in the executive lounge, have started closing the lounge on Friday evenings through Sunday (they state they have no business guests in the weekend). While I was there my room wasn’t cleaned the first night, when I asked why at 6 pm, I was told that they were cleaning the rooms up until 10. Of course no one ever came.

I wonder doesn’t Marriott as a brand know they are losing members because of places like this? I complained and most of the employees who are great are not happy with the new owners or management.

Of course a manager said later that they were full with a convention, however before the sale I always got an upgrade, now I never do.

I will stay at the Hilton where I am also Diamond, next visit.

It seems that the new owner is trying to cut costs by closing the lounge on weekends, reducing amenities both in the lounge (alcohol) and in guest rooms (complimentary water), and likely requiring housekeeping staff to turn more rooms than possible during shifts.

While it is true that hotels tend to prioritize short stays over longer ones when proving upgrades, there is no “rule” in the Marriott Bonvoy program that hotels would only upgrade those staying one night.

You can check the room/suite inventory while checking in using the app for the duration of your stay and then negotiate with the front desk agent if upgrade has not properly been executed.

The reader should sent the hotel’s GM folio from his next stay at the Hilton with some notes of his previous stay


It is unfortunate that Marriott has lost the control of the hotels flying its various flags. The customer service is merely opening tickets/cases that hotels merely close as resolved or don’t reply at all.

There doesn’t appear to be any downside for hotels going “rogue” when it comes to the published elite benefits. Eventually, this will be the downfall of the entire company. You can only fool guests so many times before they start staying at competing brands/hotels.

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