Cuban Tourist Card (Getting One In Lima)

When I was on my way to Havana on LATAM the other Friday, I wasn’t sure where at the airport in Lima I could get the required Tourist Card.

Copa in Panama sold me one at the check-in while, when I flew to Havana for the very first time 10 years ago, TACA sold me one at the gate in Costa Rica.

The LATAM check in in Lima wasn’t aware of these tourist cards (tarjeta de turista) at all which was a surprise to me.

Then later at the gate, there were plenty of confusion too because I was asking for the Tourist Card while the gate personnel were referring to a visa that is not required.

They did, however, had this red box that had the word visa.

They were indeed selling these TARJETA DE TURISTA for either in USD or PEN (no cards accepted). The price was roughly triple what the tourist card actually costs.

I decided to offload my rest Peruvian currency and pay the difference in USD. The gate agent filled out the card for me.

You then need to fill out couple of other forms before landing in Havana.


When I searching where to buy this tourist card in Lima, Google couldn’t return any relevant articles on the topic.

There were many that tried to sell you to use an actual visa service (and pay $$$$ for the service) but that is absolutely not required.

Based on three experiences with same number of different airlines (LR, CM & LA) and airports (SJO, PTY & LIM), you can either buy one at the time of checking in or at the gate. Just remember to have some cash available.

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