Hong Kong SAR Advertising Blitz


Hong Kong has been in turmoil for months and had new rounds of demonstrations this Sunday. These have greatly reduced the number of incoming tourists and business travelers. Hong Kong is likely in recession.

My brother sent me an advertisement that had appeared on Sunday in Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat trying to explain (in Finnish) what is happening in the city/state and calm down threats to the businesses.

Not sure if there is an English version of this ad available that would have been published in other countries? Tried to put this through Google Translate but it doesn’t work too well with Finnish.

The text tries to put out a positive spin how they try to resolve the issues through conversations. It doesn’t, however, mention the police brutality or that the legislature is controlled by the China.

Also, there are no mentions of eroding human rights (let’s not forget that China snatched couple of book sellers from Hong Kong and transported them to the mainland for criticizing Xi Jinping and exposing corruption around his family).


It is interesting to see what will happen with Hong Kong in near and medium terms. China promised that Hong Kong would have separate system from the mainland for 50 years from the British hand off date.

Hong Kong is not as important for China as it was 22 years ago. It is no longer the gateway to China for financial companies or importers/exporters. It is, however, part of China where freedom of speech and independent courts are in place.

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