World of Hyatt Milestone Award For 40 Nights – Which One To Pick To Get The Best Value?

Today I want to have a look at the World of Hyatt Milestone Awards that are available to members reaching a certain qualification threshold during their membership year.

I just reached my 41st night and received the email to select whichever award I’d prefer within the next 90 days.

When Hyatt revamped their loyalty program into World of Hyatt they also introduced Milestone Awards which reward members on their way up the status ladder throughout the membership year. I found this new system to be very profitable especially the free night awards in between.

You can access World of Hyatt Benefits and Milestones schedule here.

The 40 nights threshold is one of the few where you can actually choose which award you’d like to have deposited into the account. The choices are between three options:

  • 5,000 Hyatt bonus points
  • US$100 Gift Card
  • 10,000 points off a FindExperience

I consider only option one and two valid alternatives here and decided to choose between either the 5,000 points or the US$100 gift card. The issue here is to determine which selection provides the best value.

If you don’t want to lose much time over it then I can say it’s pretty much a wash as it’s almost always possible to find a 2 cent per point redemption value when redeeming Hyatt points in a sensible manner. It’s also a very universal currency that can be used worldwide while the gift card has strict limitations on it.

Hyatt eGift Cards are issued by Hyatt Fulfilment of Maryland, Inc. and can be redeemed at participating Hyatt hotels and resorts in the Americas

Hyatt Gift Card (valid at participating Hyatt hotels in the Americas, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean)

If this presents a problem then the choice is clear to pick the points as your award choice.

In my case I’ll choose the $100 gift card as I’m going to the U.S. & Canada this month where I have to option of redeeming the $100 for pretty much a free night at one of my usual hotels where I like to stay. Those would cost me at least 12,000 in points per night so I feel like the gift card gives me the best value here especially since I’m earning points in the process for the revenue of this stay.


It’s a nice extra to be able to pick pretty much a free night at a medium range property just for hitting 40 nights with WOH especially as with 30 I already received a free night at a Cat 4 property and the next free night Cat 1-7 will be at 55 nights when re-qualifying for Globalist.

There are a few properties at the 5,000 and 8,000 points level where it’ll be easy to exceed the $100 value by selecting the points. For myself I’ll just make the giftcard work as outlined above.