Marriott Bonvoy New Targeted Offers For Your World Rewards-Program Members

Marriott Bonvoy and Emirates have Your World Rewards-partnership that was first launched with SPG and then renewed earlier this year.

Marriott Bonvoy Promotion Central

Yesterday, we wrote (read more here) about bonus miles offer that Emirates has extended to members of this partnership. Marriott Bonvoy has also launched bonus points offers for this program participants.

You can check your Marriott Bonvoy promotional offers here.

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Check your email or log-in to your Marriott Bonvoy account to see if there are targeted offers attached to your account. You need to confirm registration before they become active.


Marriott Bonvoy was very active earlier this year with these account-specific bonus points offers but didn’t launch any this summer.

This program is a leftover from the SPG. Marriott Rewards never run similar targeted offers that could be combined with global promotions.

Let’s hope that they launch a new bonus points offer soon that is open for everyone!