Compensation Clinic: Botched Marriott Moments Auction


A LoyaltyLobby sent us a positive compensation-case from a Marriott Moments auction that had gone wrong.

Compensation Clinic Marriott Moments

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You can access Marriott here and Marriott Moments here.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I just thought this was interesting.  It was the first time I had bid on a Marriott Bonvoy Moment and I did have the winning bid for a while, but then was my understanding that I did not win.

However, I got an email saying that I had won and I had already obligated myself during the time of that event, so after going through several emails and phone calls, I did get to an email and got an initial answer that there was an error.

I did not expect any other follow up as the points had been put back into my account so I was surprised to get this email and will happily take the 35K points, though I sincerely hope they mean credited not debited!

There are no current options to bid on that I am interested in right now, otherwise I might have taken that option.

Here’s the email from Marriott Moments team:

You may have recently received an email message from Marriott Bonvoy congratulating you on winning the Go VIP! Conjure Up Sonic Sounds with Three-Day VIP Tickets to the VOODOO Music + Arts Experience! Moments experience.

Unfortunately, we experienced a glitch in our system and we’re so sorry that this message was sent to you in error.

Let us try our best to make this situation better – we would like to offer you a similar experience on a different date or perhaps would you consider 35K points debited to your account.


There have been reports about recent issues with Marriott Bonvoy Moments, and this case from a reader explains that they are experiencing technical difficulties.

The issue was resolved by Marriott’s St. Thomas (Canada) customer experience team that used to be part of SPG. I guess that they are better at solving and dealing with customer issues than Marriott’s legacy centers in the US.

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