Lufthansa Group Airlines Facing Flight Attendant Strikes (Dates Announced On October 14)

Union representing Lufthansa Group airlines (Lufthansa, Germanwings, Eurowings, CityLine, and SunExpress) are going to announce strike dates next Monday (October 14) for this fall.


Lufthansa pilots were striking for several dates in 2014, 2015, and 2016 before reaching an agreement with the management.

You can access UFO’s website here.

Here’s the PDF they have released:

Download (PDF, 694KB)

Here’s the PDF in English (Google translate):

Dear guests of the LH group airlines Lufthansa, Germanwings, Eurowings, Lufthansa CityLine and Sunexpress Germany,

In the coming weeks, there will probably be strikes on all airlines in the LH Group.

We, that is the tariff commission of the union UFO, have in the whole time as Lufthansa and the UFO leadership have already argued in court and in public, and for our colleagues and worked on a de-escalation.

In addition, the current UFO board has also tried by all means possible, the situation in Negotiating and settling any legal dispute, in Lufthansa the UFO involved. UFO has been right in court every time. We are ready to go anytime to seek compromises. Only the top management has been banning all negotiations for a year now for the cabin workers of the group.

Dear guests, we have no choice but to fight against this blockade by Lufthansa approach and enforce our demands in this way.

These requirements are different for each flight operation. You can see for yourself: We inform on our homepage about the situation:

That’s what it’s about in detail:

• At Lufthansa, we want 1.8% more salary, the last degree is three years ago

• Lufthansa CityLine 2% more salary, the last close is almost two years ago

• at Germanwings it is about the same collective agreement part-time, for which we had to strike in 2016, the

after negotiated but not implemented until today

• At Eurowings we are not granted an already negotiated pension, which now

Once after 2016, it must be the subject of labor disputes

• Sunexpress does not yet have any collective bargaining agreements and the lowest incomes in the whole group 9 years € 24,000 full-time annual salary!), Here we demand a salary increase of 5%.

These old and new issues are being blocked by a corporate topping out of the union

wants to get rid of.

The LH Group still has time to return to the negotiating table and avert strikes. However, if it remains at the refusal to negotiate, they must in the coming weeks with it calculate that flights booked with LH airlines will be canceled.

We ask you to pay close attention to what is going on here, talk to us and the representatives of the UFO. Contact information can be found on the UFO homepage.

As a customer, ask Lufthansa why she denies the most normal thing in the world and does not agree with the trumpets of their employees and instead delivers this conflict on their backs.

The representatives of the tariff commissions of the affected airlines

Lufthansa German Airlines

Lufthansa CityLine

German Wings

euro Wings



Passengers, who are traveling with Lufthansa flights this fall, should monitor the situation and try to avoid booking flights for the dates when strike action may take place.

Lufthansa is required to rebook affected passengers to other airlines and provide Duty to Care (accommodation and meals) in case of long delays. If the flights are canceled more than 14 days in advance, no cash compensation applies because of delay.

Let’s hope that Lufthansa and union representing the flight attendants can come into an agreement so that possible strikes can be averted.