Whine Wednesday: The Probably Unhealthiest Dessert Ever Served On An Airplane!


As mentioned in a previous article I flew Condor from Duesseldorf to Funchal, Portugal a few weeks ago and the dessert they served in their Premium Class is definitely worthy of our Whine Wednesday today.

The item was a packed “Strawberry Mousse” and just upon close inspection did it reveal it’s evil core, basically a long list of artificial flavors, starch and preservatives.

When flying Condor I usually try to book their Premium Class which is essentially a Premium Economy product that includes unlimited beverages, a meal and an empty middle seat.

The hot meal itself, a German Style Sauerbraten, was actually quite decent but when I glanced over the dessert it was pretty shocking.

A Strawberry Mousse that is good for at least another full year (who knows when they actually made this batch).

Checking the ingredients revealed the reason for the long expiration period:

Absolutely disgusting!

Just for fun I opened it to check consistency and smell. It was like thick glue and smelled like a container full of brand new LEGO blocks – plastic.

I didn’t go so far and actually taste it but this item must rank as one of the worst in the skies.


Not sure who in the Condor catering department thinks it’s ok to offer something like this for guests who pay extra for the Premium package or single meal (you can pre-order hot meals like this even without flying Premium).

I’m not expecting some super healthy dish with fresh ingredients of the day but something like a one year dessert is definitely a few steps too low. This item could be at home on the ISS but I guess the astronauts health would suffer too much.