IHG Rewards Club Launches Pay With Points Pilot


IHG Rewards Club has launched a new pilot that allows members to use points towards folio expenses, including room rate at select hotels.

Members must issue a voucher on IHG’s website and then turn it in at the hotel for a credit. The value of a point is fixed at 0.4 cents each.

You can access Pay With Your-points on IHG’s website here.

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There are two hotels where you can use these vouchers:

You can then issue a voucher for up to $200 in value:


IHG has indicated that they are moving towards dynamic award redemptions and have planned to run experiments this in 2019. Perhaps this is one?

Could be that in the future, you book a paid rate on IHG’s website and then issue a voucher to cover it using points that you have. Hotels obviously won’t get the full value of the amount shown on the voucher.

SPG was the first chain that allowed members to use points towards folio expenses, although at terrible value. The value that IHG assessed for a point is 0.4 cents each.