British Airways Data Breach Litigation Update (Get Your Claim In)


British Airways had a data breach that allowed unauthorized third-party/parties access to passenger names, passport, and credit card information. BA has arrogantly continued to claim that there is no proof leaked credit cards would have been used in an unauthorized manner.


The British Information Commissioner’s Office and is the process of fining British Airways to the tune of £183 million and has already found that more than half a million passengers were affected.

You can access the SPG Law’s website here.

There was a hearing in the UK court earlier this month that two law firms representing more than 5,000 claimants attended. The judge granted a 15-month window for people to file their claims.

Not sure if this 15-month window is calculated from the hearing date or when this breach was first discovered. In either way, affected British Airways passengers can still register and become part of the class.

The court chose SPG Law to be the lead solicitor in this case because they had the highest number of claimants.

Here’s the information that SPG Law sent out yesterday to those who had signed up:

Download (PDF, 152KB)

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The five thousand or so claimants that have signed up by now only represent only 15% of the potential class. I hope that more British Airways passengers exercise their rights and become part of the lawsuit.

The requirement to include PNRs (passenger name records), last four digits of the credit card, and addresses used is burdensome. The issue I have with this is that a single passenger could have used multiple cards and addresses like myself. I have already cut in half the credit cards that have been breached, and I have four billing addresses in use.

Let’s hope that something significant will come out of this litigation.