Testing The Partnership Between Hertz Rent A Car & CLEAR Premium Security (4 Months Free Membership As Presidents Circle)

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Roughly ten months after Hertz and CLEAR engaged in a partnership allowing Hertz Rewards status customers to benefit from a complimentary premium security trial I just had the chance to test/register it today.

I have previously covered CLEAR on several occasions including the former partnership with Delta and the new cooperation with United Mileage Plus whose members now enjoy preferential pricing.

What this partnership does is basically using CLEAR technology to check the drivers license of the customer as ID requirement to leave the facility quickly, scanning biometrics of the registered member.

The partnership has first been announced back in December (access press release here) and since them CLEAR has equipped several Hertz stations with equipment and also staff to help customers with the registration.

Hertz and CLEAR today announced the launch of Hertz Fast Lane powered by CLEAR – a new service that uses biometrics to drastically speed up the car rental process and get travelers through the exit gate and on the road in 30 seconds or less – a time savings of at least 75 percent.

With CLEAR, members enroll once to enjoy frictionless experiences with greater predictability at more than 40 airports and venues nationwide.  Now, Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® loyalty members who sign up for CLEAR and link their accounts will be able to verify their identity and rental reservation with just a look or tap of their finger.  Hertz Fast Lane powered by CLEAR marks the first use of biometrics by a major rental car company, and the first time CLEAR’s trusted identity platform is enabling members to verify their identity using their face instead of showing a physical ID.

The first Hertz Fast Lane powered by CLEAR is now available at the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), offering renters unmatched speed and security so they can enjoy more time doing what they love. Throughout 2019, Hertz Fast Lane powered by CLEAR will be rolled out to more than 40 additional Hertz locations, including some of the busiest U.S. airports such as Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and San Francisco International Airport (SFO), among others.

“We’re excited to introduce Hertz Fast Lane Powered by CLEAR to get Hertz customers through the exit gate without the wait and on the road faster,” said Hertz CEO Kathryn V. Marinello. “By teaming with CLEAR, Hertz gets a partner with an expanding footprint and proven track record to help us innovate the car rental process, improve the customer experience and bring meaningful benefits to busy travelers.”

Marinello added, “This new innovation demonstrates our focus on enhancing the entire customer experience. In the last two years, we’ve upgraded our fleet with the cars people want to drive, launched our Ultimate Choice® model in the U.S. enabling customers to choose their preferred vehicle with no wait, and improved site operations to deliver great service consistently.”

Similarly at the airport, CLEAR uses it’s database of verified ID documents to vouch for the passengers identity against TSA requirements and then the customer can proceed without showing physical ID.

Back when I got interested in CLEAR I asked them what would happen once the presented ID expired and was told that it’s irrelevant as identity had already been verified. What nobody of the staff was able to tell me yesterday is how Hertz makes sure the drivers license is still valid / the driver hasn’t had the license taken away for a traffic violation.

Either way, this is the process that needs to be completed:

The chart is a bit misleading. I recommend to first establish a profile with CLEAR and then link the two accounts. Once you have the chance to complete the registration at a station you then just have to enter email and birth date after which the ID document is being scanned.

After this you can use all CLEAR Options:

My account now displays a full membership until February 2020 – 4 months free as I’m Presidents Circle. The preferred price of Hertz ($129) is actually $20 more compared to what I’d pay with my United Premier Gold discount so I’ll likely de-link the programs and then link my United one for the discount.

Important notice: This works with U.S. issued documents only. You can’t provide foreign ID documents or a drivers license for CLEAR.


The 4 months free to try CLEAR is certainly a nice little perk especially if you first want to try the service without being out of pocket for a membership fee first.

I didn’t see much of an improvement at the gate as far as speed is concerned. Usually the employee glances at the drivers license and prints the contract. Especially the scanning of biometrics can prove difficult depending on how you approach the gate/kiosk in the rental car. If you can’t reach the scanner properly you have a problem!

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