Fabulous Fridays: Well Assorted Hotel Pantry With Hot/Cold Items For Sale

It’s a Fabulous Friday again and I’d like to share an option that is often overlooked when it comes to hotels, namely the possibility to get a quick bite to eat without using room service or the restaurant.

I just stayed at a Hyatt hotel last week that had a great assortment of both snacks as well as hot and cold main dishes available for sale in their cafeteria/pantry located in the lobby.

Nowadays there is almost always a Starbucks or similar outlet nearby but a hotel cafeteria that actually has some decent food is rather rare. Hence I was very surprised when staying at the Hyatt Regency LAX last week that they had a wide range of food options available at their lobby pantry.

We had received two vouchers from the front desk to receive a sandwich/salad due to some prepaid parking issue and decided to get something for dinner around 8pm on my day of arrival. The lounge is decent as well but since I had the vouchers I got something to drink from the lounge and then ordered a sandwich downstairs at the counter. It was made fresh and tasted as good as a Ham&Cheese sandwich can be.

Here are some additional impressions of the cafeteria:

I think it’s a good idea to have something aside from the sit in restaurant and the room service for people to grab a quick bite to eat or just a snack as a less expensive and fast option.

Pricing for most items was reasonable though the sandwich would have been on the expensive side with $12++ for which I fortunately had the voucher. On the plus side: You can charge it to your room and collect points for these purchases.


My stay at the Hyatt Regency LAX was overall a very positive experience aside from the people walking barefoot through the public areas which was the topic of our Whine Wednesday this week. As far as this dining outlet goes I wish that more hotels would adopt the model of having a well stocked counter with fresh food items available for their guests to purchase, especially this being an airport hotel.

A few days later I stayed at the Hilton LAX and they still had no such thing and their lounge was packed to the brim as well.