Success: Redeeming The $100 World Of Hyatt Milestones Gift Card Award At A Domestic Property

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I recently wrote about the Hyatt Milestones and that I would select the US$100 gift card as my 40th night award in order to redeem it for a stay at a Hyatt in North America which I finally managed to do.

World of Hyatt Milestone Awards that are available to members reaching a certain qualification threshold during their membership year.

The gift cards come in electronic form to the members email (have to be retrieved through a link) and the properties can then apply the value in full or partial to the outstanding folio.

You can access World of Hyatt Benefits and Milestones schedule here.

There are a couple things to consider though before making your mind up to pick a Hyatt gift card. They only work in North- and South America at participating properties so anything more international than that and you’re out of luck.

To remind you, you can select either of the following options as your award:

  • 5,000 Hyatt bonus points
  • US$100 e-Gift Card
  • 10,000 points off a FindExperience

I consider only option one and two valid alternatives here and decided to choose between either the 5,000 points or the US$100 gift card. The issue here is to determine which selection provides the best value.

I decided that I’ll be able to use the card straight away so immediately after requesting the award through the link provided in the email and it was delivered I made a reservation for a U.S. Hyatt Regency and redeemed a portion of the gift card there:

The front desk associate had issues processing it (I was expecting no less) and so the Front Office Manager had to step in in order to process the transaction.

After paying a $57.61 balance I now have $42.39 left to use somewhere else. I also received my WOH points for this transaction so overall it gave me significantly more value than selecting 5000 Hyatt points. This calculation only works though if you’re traveling to a participating Hyatt property that can actually redeem these cards.


If you’re an overseas customer who won’t be able to redeem the gift card through the regular stay pattern then I suggest to just pick the points. Also take into consideration that you might run into problem with staff not being able to process it, requiring extra time. Don’t expect this to be done within seconds and plan to be at the front desk early if you’re in a hurry.

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