Compensation Clinic: British Airways


This week’s Compensation Clinic-case from my British Airways flight from Montreal to London that had an inoperable control on my business class seat.

British Airways

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Here’s what happened:

The handset didn’t work at all. You couldn’t turn on the lights, call a flight attendant, or use the in-flight entertainment. Reported this to the BA’s Customer Relations 10 days after the flight took place using the online form.

Automated Reply:

Reply from Customer Service two days later:

Avios posted to my account:


It seems that British Airways is on charm offensive again after not offering very few, if any, Avios for similar issues for a while.

As I was on the window seat and had declined all the services during the flight (my preferred way when flying on BA), it was challenging to get the purser’s attention so that the person could have filed the complaint using the pad they have. Well. The webform was efficient enough.

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