American Airlines AAdvantage “Extend & Boost Your Elite Status For 2020” Is Now Live!


American Airlines AAdvantage has been sending out emails to select members offering them to renew the elite status they currently hold or upgrade it to a higher one through January 2021.

Members  can log in at the website which is now live to see if American has an offer for them to maintain or upgrade the status.

Targeted members can purchase their desired status at prices American let’s you pay in either cash or miles, though the price in miles is rather poor value as they (AA) assign a value of $0.01 per mile which is very very low.

You can access the promotional website here.

The formula AAdvantage seems to use here is to see if someone has already requalified for a certain status or holds this status permanent as lifetime and how many miles are required to reach the next level.

In my case I’m a Lifetime Gold member and so far this year have earned 26,600 miles. I won’t qualify for Platinum on my own this year and received the following offer:

The choice here is to spend either $1,345 or 134,500 AAdvantage miles for the Platinum status. Let’s set aside for a moment that I don’t think AA Platinum is worth that much in my case, the mileage value assigned here is extremely poor. So if anything then cash payment would be the way to go here.

It could make sense to partake in this offer if you know for sure that you’ll fly American Airlines a lot over the next year then the return of investment in terms of bonus miles and cleared upgrades would be worth it. But not for the occasional flight. Generally speaking the best value would be to buy top tier status (Executive Platinum) though I haven’t seen such an offer yet.


The big three programs (AAdvantage, Mileage Plus & SkyMiles) have had these campaigns in place for a couple years now and their offers range from sometimes reasonable to absolutely ridiculous.

There are a few aspects to these renewal offers that I always highlighted as deciding factors because with the implementation of minimum annual spend it could be well worthwhile to just “pay up” instead of making expensive mileage runs that are also time consuming. Depending on how much you value your time, making unnecessary trips just to extend status could be a deal breaker.

Post your offers below and readers can compare!

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