Marriott Bonvoy Unlock More Issues (Second Offer Not Posted)


Marriott Bonvoy launched last month (read more here) its latest global promotional called Unlock More with “secret” additional offers (read more here) that soon revealed.

The offer allows members to earn 2,000 bonus points for the first two stays between October 29 and January 5, 2020, and members would then receive a targeted offer within 2 to 3 days (after the second stay post). It is now more than four days and 96 hours since my second stay posted (read more here) and no additional promotion insight.

You can access Marriott’s page for Unlock More here.

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Here what posted to my account on Friday:

Here’s what is still showing on my Promotion Center:

And here is the relevant part of the Terms and Conditions:

After a member completes two qualifying stays during the promotional period, an additional offer will be unlocked and become available in the member’s account within 2-3 days after the second qualifying stay is posted to the member’s account.


There is an issue with loading additional offers to member accounts based on my personal and reader experiences. Nobody has received one yet.

Let’s hope that Marriott Bonvoy fixes the issue and starts posting the additional offers to member accounts per their own promo T&Cs. Might help drive some bookings too…