World Of Hyatt Destination Hotels Update

Hyatt acquired Two Roads Hospitality from a family member back in 2018 and has been integrating its brands into the loyalty program.

Most Destination Hotels properties (real hotels) already joined the program back in August. Now, Destination Residences start participating this November, some with limited benefits and without Globalist breakfasts.

You can access Hyatt’s page for Destination Hotels here.

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Note that Wild Dunes Resort, Vacation Rentals at Wild Dunes Resort, Sunriver Resort, Suncadia Resort, Vacation Homes at Suncadia Resort, Vacation Homes at Sunriver Resort and Snowmass Luxury Homes by Destination Residences Snowmass are not World of Hyatt participating.

Many of Destination Residences require 40,000 points per night.

Destinations properties with their participation levels:


Hyatt could have had these Destination Resorts as a separate entity because of their limited participation as they do with HRC (Hyatt Residence Clubs). You cannot even redeem your points at many of them.

Many also require 40,000 points per night that was initially reserved only for some Small Luxury Hotels of the World-properties. Now this award level is creeping to other hotels too.