Hilton Power Up-Promo Issues (Check Your Bonus Points!)


Hilton Honors launched its Power Up-promotion back in August (read more here and here) for up to triple points through January 5, 2019.

We reported late September (read more here) that Hilton was having issues correctly identifying affiliated credit cards on some consumed stays that would incorrectly post with double points instead of triple.

You can access Hilton’s page for Power Up-promotion here.

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I thought that Hilton Honors had fixed this issue as I had several stays in October posted to my account correctly with triple points. Then this week came, and two stays in Bangkok didn’t come through right:

It seems that Hilton Honors reps are now aware of this issue and posted these by just dropping them an email. Previously, I had to explain what this offer was and what I was missing. I used DKB issued HH Visa card to pay.


Readers should audit their Hilton stays to see if there are missing triple points for stays paid with one of the affiliated cards.

There has to be an issue with payment information correctly transferred from the property to Hilton. Not sure if it makes sense to transfer the entire credit card numbers (data security) but at least the type of the card and whether it was affiliated one.