Reader Question: Alaska Airlines Suspended Emirates Award (Only Found Out At Check In)


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us an email about a problem with Alaska Airlines suspending an award on Emirates that was partially his fault.


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Here’s the email from the reader:

We had a confirmed award ticket with emirate booked through Alaska mile,  they suspended our ticket but didn’t alert us until the day we travel saying we were short on mile and needed to purchase more mile before they unblock our reservation so we had no choice but bought a cash ticket since it was boarding time.

We booked our ticket in March and traveled on September. If there is any problems with the reservation they should have contacted us well in advance so that we can call to solve the problem . Should we complained about their failure to notify us in advance ?

We were in Maldives and could have got stuck their if we didn’t have the money to purchase our ticket or if there were no last minute seat available

I requested clarification from the reader why they were short on miles:

They said when I booked the ticket I had enough miles but after a month or so my Alaska credit  card company deducted 9000 miles from my merchandise I returned .

My complaint is that they didn’t notify me about the shortage of mile until my traveling day which was in Maldives.

Reader indeed should have purchased some miles to cover the deficit, but Alaska Airlines should have reminded them too. It is aggressive to suspend the passenger ticket without sending any notification.


I decided to include this email from a reader to remind others that they should cover any shortfalls they may have on their frequent flier accounts, especially IF there are unflown tickets or stays. It is very easy for the airline that has issued the ticket to suspend it or hotel program to cancel the stay.

It is always a good idea to have resources in place to buy a new ticket on the spot regardless of the reason. There could have been a ticketing issue and airline whose ticket stock it was issued unreachable (thinking of Aeroplan here).