Confirmed: Lufthansa Miles&More Announces Massive (Negative) Program Changes Effective January 1, 2021


As we initially reported last week Lufthansa Miles&More has now confirmed to members in writing that they will drastically change their program structure in terms of status qualification and validity effective January 1, 2021.

Lufthansa Miles&More has already cut back the program substantially in the last year, first by attaching the award miles to the ticket value and then by updating their award chart making award flights more expensive.

It all started last week when we reported on some rumors that Lufthansa was mulling over the implementation of steep cuts into their established status qualification structure. These rumors have now proven to be correct.

Lufthansa has mailed out physical letters to their premium customers (HON Circle, Senator) outlining the changes and directing customers to a designated website for further information.

Unfortunately the website quoted doesn’t bring up any result – Lufthansa at their best once again:

It was to be expected that these changes will cause an avalanche of customers looking up the information yet Lufthansa Miles&More doesn’t think it’s necessary to properly get their website in order ahead of mailing out the bad news.

A reader forwarded me two letters sent out to customers in English and the German version as well:

Based on what Lufthansa says in this letter they – and surveyed customers – are of the opinion that the program required an overhaul and is no longer in step with the times so on popular demand (laughable!) they will implement the following changes on January 1, 2021:

  • A points based currency system will replace the current status miles measurement
  • Flights flown on LH Group airlines will apparently earn more of these points
  • Lifetime Frequent Traveler & Senator Status will become an official perk of the program
  • Period of status validity will be downgraded from two years to one year only
  • Status Stars will be abolished as they apparently confused the customers

So there you have it. These are the essential items Miles&More customers can look forward to.

Especially the validity of the status from two years down to one year is a big deal unless M&M will lower the requirements to reach Silver/Gold status by a lot (currently 35,000 / 100,000 status miles).

I’m not convinced that a points based system is easier and less confusing than just measuring by status miles based on miles flown + cabin bonus as it was the case for two decades.

Lifetime Status was so far not a perk set in stone per the M&M terms, it was an arbitrary perk that had to be requested and was dependent on a customers age (65), and having accrued 1 Mio LH Status miles as well as being Senator for 10 years. We shall see what the new requirements are.


The fact that Lufthansa sells every little bit of bad news as something that happens based on customer demand is a pathetic excuse and not just marketing bollocks but simply a lie. It’s like saying pilots would love to have a shorter runway and preferably and empty tank. If you make negative changes then stand by them and not bring up this nonsense of “customers demanded that we do this”.

I haven’t actively collected miles at Lufthansa Miles&More for a good 6 years and actually benefited from this stacking status qualification and soft landing policy. I’m still Frequent Traveler until next February and then zilch. It would have been nice to actually see a bit more information but apparently Miles&More thinks it’s not necessary to publish those at this point.

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