Luxury Lost: Waldorf Astoria Maldives Airport Water Bus Experience


There has been plenty of chatter on the internet about the transfer price between the Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi and the airport.

The price of the transfer, in my opinion, would be fair if this would be a luxury experience. Unfortunately, it is not. Hotels calls it a luxury yacht – I called it a water bus.

You can access the Waldorf Astoria Maldives website here.

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The hotel claims that they don’t bundle guests from several incoming flights, which is a lie.

They make you wait for up to an hour at the airport coffee shop for guests that are arriving roughly at the same time. You are free to buy your own beverages while you wait. The wait yesterday was 35 minutes.

We were waiting for a group of six guests, and there were roughly ten on the boat.

Here’s video of the Beach Villa 605:


The price of the transfer would be fair if it would leave immediately after you arrive, and you are not required to wait for other guests for up to an hour if not longer.

Dumping arriving guests into an airport coffee shop is not a luxury experience either. You would think that the resort would have something else in place and would pay for the beverages?