Finnair Plus Buy Points Up To 50% Bonus Through December 9, 2019

Finnair Plus has points sales a few times per year and currently has up to a 50% bonus for buying points through December 9, 2019.

The sweet spot on Finnair’s award chart is the short-haul upgrades from Economy to Business class (Dubai and Tel Aviv are both considered short-haul) that are priced at 10,000 points (sometimes even these are discounted).

You can access Finnair’s page for buying points here.

Here’s the bonus schedule:

You can now buy up to 120,000 points (180,000 with bonus). The limit previously was 100,000.

And here’s the price if you buy the maximum:

The cost of a Finnair Plus point under this sale is 0.86 cents each. The price under the previous sale was 0.77 euro cents.


I would only buy Finnair Plus points if I were 100% sure I’d be able to use them for short-haul upgrades where they are excellent value compared to paid upgrade prices or paying for business class outright.

I would wait for a better bonus or discount offer to surface unless you need some Finnair Plus Points right now.

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

Transactions must be completed between 12 November (00:00:01 EEST) and 9 December (23:59:59 EEST), 2019 to receive the Finnair Plus Points bonus.

Bonus Finnair Plus Points will be awarded to the recipient. All other Buy/Gift Finnair Plus Points terms and conditions apply.