Etihad Improves Top Tier Elite Benefits: Free Wifi, Limousine Service Returns For Award Tickets To/From Abu Dhabi

Etihad Airlines has published new benefits for members of their Etihad Guest Program which includes higher onboard wifi discounts including free internet for their Platinum top tier elites.

Furthermore Etihad will once again allow their Gold & Platinum Elites to book the Chauffeur service for flights arriving/departing in Abu Dhabi on award tickets which has been discontinued two years ago.

It was urgently required for Etihad to do something with their program to incentivize top tier elites as the program has always been quite lackluster when it came to actual benefits.

Now there are some noteworthy improvements:

Another very positive change is that miles will no longer expire. Miles will no longer expire as long as there is one qualifying transaction on the account every 18 months.

Here are the most noteworthy benefits for Etihad Guest Elite members:

Preferred Seat Selection including “Extra Leg Room Seats” are now entirely free for Platinum members and discounted for Golds (Gold still get free Standard seat selection).

Big is especially the Free Internet which is displayed as 100% free for Gold & Platinum.

There is some confusion though and I’m waiting for clarification from Etihad about a detail here because the initial email I received from them mentioned a 75% discount for Gold. Also the way it’s displayed suggests unlimited free wifi but Etihad mentioned “one subscription” per member.

The chart also doesn’t display the return of Etihad Chauffeur on Award tickets for Gold/Platinum Elite members even though this was confirmed to us by Etihad.

According to Etihad Gold and Platinum members who arrive/depart Abu Dhabi will once again be eligible for the limousine service. This was discontinued almost two years ago and only paid tickets in revenue fare classes were eligible. Needless to say people were not happy back then.


It’s great to see Etihad revamping their program and upping the game for top tier elites. It made very little sense to have members miles expire and have them pay for seat selection. Wifi is also extremely overpriced on Etihad and these prices are way over the top for 2019 and in comparison to the competition.

Etihad has lots of updates to do on their websites as the public information is inconclusive with the information they sent out to their media contacts.