Hilton Honors Milestone Bonuses Posted


Hilton introduced several changes to its Honors guest loyalty program back in 2018 (read more here), including Milestone bonuses for Gold and Diamond members.

Honors members earn extra 10,000 bonus points for every 10 nights consumed starting at 40 nights, and there is also an additional 30,000 bonus at 60 nights.

You can access Hilton’s page for Milestones bonuses here.

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These Milestone bonuses always post with the stay itself and not as an additional entry on your Hilton Honors history. Rollover nights won’t help you with Milestones, however. Only nights that are consumed during the calendar year count.

Here are my Milestone bonuses for 2019 (so far):

40 Nights

50 Nights

60 Nights


Some readers have reported issues with their Milestone bonus postings. You have to deduct any possible rollover nights and possible erroneous night credits for overlapping nights because even if they show up in your overall night tally, they do not count towards these bonuses.

I have not had issues getting these recorded with the correct stays. I would like to hear more feedback from our readers, how are yours posting?