Travel Risk Map For 2020

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SOS International, a company that specializes in medical services for companies, has released its expectations for 2020.

There is rather interesting Travel Risk Map that features countries where medical care is or is not readily available, predictions for 2020, and what natural risks are out there.

You can access Travel Risk Map here and International SOS here.

PDF version (access here):

Download (PDF, 9.11MB)

The map is somewhat confusing because the color indicates the travel medical risk, while the letters represent travel risk. Usually, these go hand-in-hand, however.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Venezuela, Haiti, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, and many countries in Africa.

Geopolitical Shifts in 2020:

Potential Natural Disasters in 2020:


The map itself is quite self-explanatory when it comes to medical and travel risk, although there can be high-risk areas in otherwise relatively safe countries such as India and Ethiopia.

I have used medical services in several countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Spain, UAE, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Japan (from top of my head), and all have been acceptable quality.

Many companies subscribe to the services offered by International SOS when it comes to countries where their staff cannot travel and for medical services in others.

Download (PDF, 9.11MB)

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