ANA All Nippon Airways & Japan Airlines Change Majority Of Their U.S. Bound Routes To Tokyo-Haneda – Check Your Itinerary!


Following the creation of new flight paths that cut through airspace managed by the U.S. military’s Yokota Air Base in Tokyo, new slots have become available for Haneda airport and Japan’s two main carriers decided to take advantage of it.

Both ANA and JAL have announced route changes for the vast amount of their North America routes, many of which previously landed at Tokyo-Narita.

While Haneda is much more convenient for those passengers departing or arriving in Tokyo this will prove to be a challenge for those passengers with connections, especially to South East Asia.

Back in February I wrote about several U.S. carriers that also applied for Haneda routes adding to the traffic situation there.

Not all ANA/JAL flights will go via Haneda but a significant amount and passengers frequenting routes via Tokyo should pay close attention.

ANA All Nippon Airways will operate the following new Haneda flights:

All Nippon Airways (ANA), Japan’s largest 5-Star airline for seven consecutive years, will expand its international network by adding five cities (Istanbul, Milan, Moscow, Shenzhen and Stockholm) from Tokyo Haneda International Airport (HND) starting in summer schedule for 2020, with tickets going on sale in mid-December 2019. The addition of these routes will bring the total number of international cities served by ANA flights to 521 and will expand ANA’s presence at Haneda Airport.

“There is growing demand to visit Japan, and ANA will increase its international service just as Haneda Airport also expands to adapt for inbound Japanese tourism,” said Seiichi Takahashi, Senior Vice President of ANA. “These new routes will increase the ease and convenience for passengers flying to Japan from across the world, a significant benefit of our dual hub strategy.”

As part of its expanded summer schedule for 2020 (March 29, 2020 – Oct. 24, 2020), ANA will offer new non-stop service from Haneda Airport.

In addition to these new services from Haneda Airport, ANA will also be increasing the frequency of the Haneda = Los Angeles and Haneda = Sydney routes. The Delhi, Houston, Los Angeles, San Jose, Seattle and Washington D.C. routes will be relocated from Narita International Airport. These new slots for Haneda increase the number of international flights ANA will offer during local daytime hours.

There will be new routes starting in March 2020 as well that will be serviced to/from Haneda.

This will be a major operational shift for ANA, in fact most flights are being moved to Haneda. There are several connections to South East Asia around midnight from Haneda but the layover is longer than Narita and the airport is pretty tight both in terms of gates and lounge space.

JAL Japan Airlines will operate the following connections to Haneda :

Continental United States Routes/Americas
Japan Airlines Operated Routes
– Will establish new services between Tokyo-Haneda and Chicago (ORD), Dallas Fort Worth (DFW), Los Angeles (LAX)
– Offer two daily flights between Tokyo-Haneda and New York (JFK)
– Will establish additional service between Tokyo-Narita and Chicago (ORD) in 2021

Joint Business Partner, American Airlines Operated Routes
Will establish new services between Tokyo-Haneda and Dallas Fort Worth (DFW), Los Angeles (LAX)

As a result, Japan Airlines and American Airlines will offer a total of 18 daily flights via Tokyo`s metropolitan airports at Haneda and Narita by the year 2021.

Hawaii Routes
– Will establish new services between Tokyo-Haneda and Honolulu (HNL)
– As a result, JAL to offer four daily flights between Tokyo`s metropolitan airports and Honolulu. (Two Daily via Tokyo-Haneda and Two Daily via Tokyo-Narita)
– Will continue to offer one daily flight between Tokyo-Narita and Kona (KOA)

Finland Routes
Japan Airlines Operated Route
Will establish new service between Tokyo-Haneda and Helsinki (HEL)

Joint Business Partner, Finnair Operated Route
Will establish new service between Tokyo-Haneda and Helsinki (HEL)

Japan Airlines and Finnair will aim to accommodate the needs of customers by establishing flights with two different schedules between Tokyo-Haneda and Helsinki.

Russia Route
Will establish new service between Tokyo-Haneda and Moscow Sheremetyevo (SVO)
– Will aim to strengthen the partnership with Aeroflot Russian Airlines

Australia Route
Will establish new service between Tokyo-Haneda and Sydney (SYD)

India Route
Will establish new service between Tokyo-Haneda and Delhi (DEL)

China Route
Will establish new service between Tokyo-Haneda and Dalian (DLC)
– Offer two daily flights between Tokyo-Haneda and Shanghai Pudong (PVG)

Chicago, Dallas and New York flights will shift entirely from Narita to Haneda. Los Angeles will maintain their Narita connection but also have another Haneda route (JL15/JL16) with decent flight times.

Hawaii passengers can soon choose between the airlines two Narita and two Haneda connections to/from Honolulu.

This is the entire information published by JAL about new routes to/from Haneda and cancellation of Narita connections:

Download (PDF, 788KB)

The times when Haneda was an easy airport to breeze through are definitely over especially during the evening peak hours with the North America / South East Asia departure banks.


With all this traffic Haneda will need to improve the facilities in order to cope with the increase in flight activity and related passenger numbers. I can’t see this going smoothly considering how busy the airport already is and the small facilities of security and immigration. The lounges are already packed to the brim as well.

Those customers who are already ticketed should closely watch their tickets in the next few weeks and months and if the new route doesn’t suit you or there is a misconnection the airline has to take care of it.