Hilton Honors Points Can Be Redeemed For Lyft Credits

Hilton and Lyft launched a partnership earlier this year (read more here) that allows Honors members to earn points for ride bookings.

Now, you can also turn Hilton Honors points into Lyft-credits that can be used by the account holder or given away.

You can access page for the Hilton & Lyft-partnership here.

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Hilton Honors members can redeem their points for Lyft-credits valued from $10 to $100 each.

Redemption experience:

Could be that Hilton Honors points can be turned to Lyft-credits from US and Canada based accounts because I keep getting the above error message.

UPDATE: Hilton Honors to Lyft-certificate value:

Lyft HH Value

A reader of ours sent us the above screenshot that shows the value of Hilton Honors points to Lyft-credits. The value of a point to credit is 0.22 cents each (fraction of a cent).


Considering the value of a Hilton Honors point turned to an Amazon credit, I would estimate that Lyft is worth roughly the same (one fifth/one-quarter of a cent per point).

EDIT: I was right in the ballpark. The value is 0.22 cents each.

Always good to have more redemption options that infrequent Hilton Honors members can use their points for (never enough for a hotel award).