Best Western Rewards Award Massacre


Best Western Rewards has had very significant award adjustment done without any advance notice that you could call a massacre considering that the maximum number of points required has gone up from 36,000 points per night to 70,000.

Most hotel loyalty programs will give ample notice from a couple of months to a few weeks before they make drastic changes as what has happened here.

You can access Best Western Rewards Here.

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Best Western Rewards awards were previously capped at 36,000, but now additional categories are requiting 40,000/56,000/70,000 per night.

Here’s an example from New York:


Unfortunately, Best Western Rewards felt that they needed to make this very significant award adjustment without any prior notice to its program members. Actions such as this don’t built trust between the programs and members.

It is not like Best Western Rewards would be a very generous considering elite benefits (are there any?), number of points earned, and the quality of hotels.

We cover the offers from Best Western, but they don’t create much action among our readership (can see what is read) outside the free night promos they have had few times.

These changes were first discovered by Reddit users (access here).