Malaysia Airlines Enrich: Buy Miles Promotion With 40% Bonus Until November 30, 2019

Malaysia Airlines has opened a new Buy Miles promotion for their Enrich program members offering to purchase miles with 40% Bonus.

The promotion allows to purchase up to 50,000 miles and earn another 20,000 miles as bonus in the process.

While the total amount of points available under this promotion is quite high one should consider the rather high thresholds for mileage awards under the Enrich program that negates a lot of value when purchasing miles.

You can access Malaysia Airlines Enrich website here and log in to your account.

This is the bonus schedule for the campaign:

In order to get the 40% bonus one has to purchase at least 10,000 miles and it maxes out at 50,000 miles (with the 20k bonus).

Here is the price for purchasing the entire 50,000 miles:

MYR 5,215 equals US$1,250 so that’s not little money and even more reason to understand the value of 70,000 miles.

Malaysia Airlines redemption schedule for MH/oneworld flights can be accessed here.

Checking the award charts on the website shows that these 70,000 miles would get you roughly an upgrade to business class between Kuala Lumpur and London. You will always be able to purchase such an upgrade cheaper.

Under the Enrich scheme, any away flight longer than 1,801-4,200 miles is extremely high in mileage cost for a Premium ticket: 87,000 miles ONE WAY. A flight exceeding 4,201 miles in distance costs 138,000 miles one way. Mind you that return awards under Enrich are not double the one way price but reduced.


Sometimes it makes sense to purchase miles to top up accounts or even start from zero. However that means that the price has to be reasonable and in relation to the overall cost of a redemption. It’s hard to find a decent value where it would make sense to buy and book. Especially since the worthwhile destinations would cost a significant amount of miles which can’t be covered with one purchase.

If you just need to top up the account then the Buy Miles promotion could make sense, however availability for the flights in mind should be confirmed first.

These are the Terms & Conditions for the promotion:

Download (PDF, 567KB)