Air Canada System Migration Still Affects Passengers During Daily Operations & Aeroplan Bookings

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Air Canada’s system migration which was only supposed to last two days didn’t exactly go according to plan because even a week after the updates negative consequences still linger.

Customers still report check-in problems ranging from denied boarding, disappearance of seat reservations and the inability to make reservations using their Aeroplan miles.

When we first wrote about Air Canada announcing that this is going to be a two days piece of cake I was already skeptic about this and urged our readers to prepare for just the opposite.

Apparently passengers are still facing issues even a full week after everything should have been dealt with. Air Canada also admitted that it has pushed passengers personal information to the wrong recipient triggering privacy concerns.

You can follow up on these issues from this Global News report:

But that’s not all. Aeroplan bookings are still affected as well and the search engine isn’t working properly:

I can just repeat that for the time being passengers should check-in online for their flight as early as possible. I would also recommend to print out the boarding pass ahead of time. Traveling with carry on baggage might also make things a lot easier just in case of operational disruptions.

It’s also a good idea to make screenshots of ticket details for existing reservations. Especially the ticket numbers should be essential.


If Air Canada ends up bumping passengers from their flights then they should keep records of that situation and also file a complaint with the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) and local authorities. Compensation should be requested as well depending on the situation.

As far as Aeroplan is concerned it appears that bookings can only be done over the phone and hold times are substantial which is highly inconvenient. Some people reported being on hold for over an hour before the call dropped.