Compensation Clinic: Malfunctioning Premium Internet Onboard Celebrity Eclipse Cruise


For the first time ever the Compensation Clinic will take to the seas where I recently had a very bad experience with the premium internet onboard the Celebrity Eclipse.

Remember that you can always email us, send a message via Facebook or use Twitter and include photos too. We’ll try to cover a different compensation case at least once a week.

I’m a big fan of Celebrity Cruises and have sailed with them exclusively in recent time. I just need reliable internet so I can get some work done a few hours per day so as always I purchased the rather expensive premium internet package at $215 for a week which is already a preferential price due to my entry-status level with celebrity (Select).

The internet on this Pacific Coastal sailing on the Eclipse however was horrible. Out of the seven days it worked properly on just two days of the cruise. The rest it was spotty at best and non functioning at worst. Keep in mind this wasn’t some remote part of the world.

Turned out I wasn’t the only passenger complaining about this and there were even signs in the iLounge informing people that the ship was having internet issues.

Since everything is prepaid I went to the guest relations desk to complain about this and ask for a partial refund at least. After going to that counter several times and nobody got back to me as promised I wasn’t in the best mood and told the service associate that I’ll have all auto gratuities removed (~ $300) if this isn’t resolved within the next few hours. I had already tipped those crew that provided direct services to us generously in cash so either way…

That seemed to finally have some result and I finally met with a senior member of the crew who promised to talk to all relevant people involved and provide written feedback to me.

Here is the result after visiting the guest relations desk three times:

$107.50 refund in cash is 50% of what I paid for the internet in total. It’s a decent amount of money but not really a lot given how miserable the service really was.

It should have been waived at least 75% or even in full considering how they dropped the ball here but I was in no mood anymore to argue with them. Most of the other affected guest probably weren’t refunded at all. Don’t accept this if this happens to you!


I have no problem paying for the premium internet but then I expect a good connection and speed. This service costs as much as $250 per week if you buy it on board so they should improve the reliability. It was the first time ever I has such issues onboard a Celebrity cruise.

The guest service desk experience was also deplorable. No way they could get away with this as a hotel but on the ship I guess there isn’t much reason to provide stellar service. I left bad remarks on the questionaire which comes via email post cruising.