$3,799 or 380K AAdvantage Miles To “Lock-In” American Airlines Executive Platinum Status?


American Airlines began to send out emails last month (read more here) to get AAdvantage members to renew their status or buy up to the next level using either cash or miles.

We weren’t aware of at the time that this would be available even for Executive Platinum-level, at least for renewals. A LoyaltyLobby reader dropped is a note where EXP status is offered for either $3,799 or 380,000 AAdvantage miles.

You can check your offer here.

Here’s the text on the email:

And the price of status offered on the website:

Reader’s current elite qualification:


The reader noted that American Airlines had sent out several emails offering this status renew (this was the third time). He was going to qualify before the end of the year by flights anyway, so there was no need even to consider this offer.

I would say that paying $3.8K or 380K miles for Executive Platinum-status is very expensive, and I would have personally taken a pass. Perhaps something around the $1K would be acceptable.

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