Accor ALL Suite Night Upgrades & How To Use Them (Post Your Experiences)


AccorHotels yesterday launched its ALL – Accor Live Limitless guest loyalty program, which replaced Le Club AccorHotels, with new status levels and enhanced benefits for existing tiers.

One of the new features are Suite Night Upgrades (SNU) that members can earn up to 12 in each calendar year depending on the number of status points earned. Please post your experiences using them in the comments section.

You can access Accor’s page for Suite Night Upgrades here and check your balance here.

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Here’s how to access them (access here):

You need to click learn more about rewards points

You need to then choose awards. Your Suite Night Upgrade total and possible other awards can be found here.


Platinum members receive 2 Suite Night Upgrades when they qualify for status and another one at 18,000 status points. Members can earn one more for each addition 4,000 status points for up to 54,000 points and 12 Suite Night Upgrades.


At some point in 2020, you should be able to apply these online. This function is not live yet, and you need to contact the customer service for each request.


  1. If you have two Suite Night Upgrades and the stay is for three nights, your entire stay is upgraded to a suite, and you need to pay the suite rate for the third night that is not covered by the upgrade certificate.
  2. It is also unclear at this time what constituted a “suite.” Hotels have become very creative at classifying deluxe rooms as one.
  3. Some hotels don’t accept SNUs. The link to the PDF that should have them all listed is broken on ALL’s website.

Here’s what Accor ALL has up about these Suite Night Upgrades:

A Suite Night Upgrade is one of the benefits awarded to members of the ALL – Accor Live Limitless programme, offering them a guaranteed room upgrade to a Suite.

Two Suite Night Upgrades are earned as soon as you are awarded Platinum status (or maintain your Platinum status). Once you have earned 18,000 Status points, you will be awarded an additional Suite Night Upgrade. Subsequently, each time you earn 4,000 Status points (taking you to 22,000, 26,000 and so on up to 54,000 Status points), you are awarded an additional Suite Night Upgrade, up to a maximum of 12 per calendar year.

For example, on 1 January 2020 a member receives confirmation that their Platinum status is maintained until 31 December 2020. Between 1 January 2020 and 14 July 2020, they earn 14,000 Status points or 60 nights, meaning their Platinum status is maintained until 31 December 2021. Their two Suite Night Upgrades will be credited on 14 July 2020 and not during the annual calculation on 1 January 2021.

Suite Night Upgrades are valid until 31 December of the calendar year following the year in which they were earned. For example, if you earn a Suite Night Upgrade on 15 January 2025, it will be valid until 31 December 2026. you earn a Suite Night Upgrade on 15 December 2025, it will be valid until 31 December 2026. You can view your Suite Night Upgrades, their validity dates, and their statuses by logging in to your online account.

To use your Suite Night Upgrades, you must book your stay via the central booking office or directly with the hotel. Suite Night Upgrades are personal and non-transferable, and the loyalty cardholder must themselves be staying in the suite that has been booked.

Each Suite Night Upgrade is valid just once for a one-night stay. To see the list of hotels that do not offer this benefit. This benefit is only valid in the hotels listed. If you have earned more than one Suite Night Upgrade, several may be used at once when staying for several consecutive nights at the same hotel.

If you do not have enough Suite Night Upgrades to cover the stay in full, you can book a stay for the duration of your choice and use the number of Suite Night Upgrade you wish (subject to validity). Additional nights that are not eligible for a Suite Night Upgrade will nonetheless be completed in the Suite and invoiced at the Suite’s advertised booking rate.

Suite Night Upgrades cannot be used in conjunction with Rewards points when booking your Suite. Your Rewards points can nonetheless be used at check-out to settle your outstanding balance if your booking rate entitles you to do so.

If you cancel your booking, your Suite Night Upgrades will be recredited to your account, irrespective of your booking rate’s cancellation terms and conditions.

In the event of a no-show (you do not check in to the hotel and fail to cancel your booking) or if you check out of the hotel early, the Suite Night Upgrades will not be recredited to your account.


You should book separately the nights that are covered by SNUs and those that are not. You can then upgrade the nights that you wish to use the awards and possibly downgrade the rest of the stay to a room type that you paid for.

It remains to be seen how creative Accor affiliated hotels are classifying suites available for SNUs. Some Marriott associated hotels have classified deluxe rooms as suites. I genuinely hope that this is not the case with Accor.

I am trying to use one of my SNUs this week for a stay in two weeks. I will report my experiences.