Turkish Airlines Slowly Going Dry?


Turkish Airlines that has been proud of the catering provided both in economy and business class cabins even on short-haul flights, is making drastic changes to the offerings effective today (December 6, 2019).

Turkish Airlines Passenger Rights

These adult beverage option changes adversely affect economy class passengers. Flights of less than six hours are close to dry.

You can access the Turkish Airlines website here.

Here are the changes that were reported on a Turkish website (access here):

  • The airline is removing gin, raki, and vodka from economy class offerings on all flights, and whiskey is downgraded to just one (Ballantines).
  • The number of beers that are stocked for return short/medium-haul flights on a single-aisle aircraft is capped at just 10 (20 return).

It is unclear if these changes affect other beverage options that Turkish Airlines offers on short and medium-haul flights such as wines.


A LoyaltyLobby reader alerted us about these changes that are going in effect as of today. It would be interesting to learn what exactly are the beverage options in economy class flights now?  If you are flying on Turkish Airlines after these changes are in place, please comment below.

I tried to find out more what options Turkish Airlines offers on international flights, domestic and some nearby destinations are already fully dry, but nothing is disclosed. There are only a few photos of juice being served with the meal, and the text refers to just “welcome drinks” (no mentions of alcohol of any kind).

Many airlines have moved away from offering complimentary adult beverages on short-haul flights, so what Turkish Airlines appears to be doing here is nothing new. They have not, however, communicated any of the service changes, which is not professional.

It has been a while since my most recent Turkish Airlines first (they did the service for a short period on planes that were leased from Jet Airways), business, or economy class flights.