Lufthansa Group Increases Prices For Economy Class Seat Reservations & Rebooking/Change Fees Effective December 11, 2019


Another month, another price increase from the Lufthansa Group targeting Economy Class customers and this time it hits once more the seat reservations but also ticket change fees for intercontinental flights.

Dates for the revised fees will be December 11th for select seat reservations to North America and tickets issued effective December 17th will see change fees increase by 20 EUR for intercontinental flights.

What this means is basically passengers ticketed in Economy Class who wish to reserve an extra space seat against payment will have to pay even more in the future

This is the chart (in German) showing the respective fees and destinations sorted by seating zone:

Download (PDF, 243KB)

The important bullet points here:

  • HON Circle & Senator Members will receive complimentary reservations except in Economy-Light
  • The so called Privacy Seats are going up in price to 209 EUR for the furthest flights (Cat 5)
  • LH Group now has six different seating categories:
  1. Standard Seat
  2. Preferential Seating Zone
  3. Seats with additional legroom
  4. First Row
  5. Standard Seat in Premium Economy
  6. Privacy Seat

It’s pretty grotesque that even for Premium Economy Class Lufthansa now charges 55 EUR to reserve any seat in that cabin.

Touristik Aktuell (access here – in German) reported about the price increases.

Lufthansa has informed their distribution partners (travel agents) that all Economy tickets issued from December 17, 2019 on their Group Airlines (Lufthansa, Eurowings, Austrian Airlines, SWISS) will increase the price for ticket changes by 20 EUR. Brussels Airlines also increases Economy Class change fees by the same amount.


Not sure who would voluntarily pay 209 EUR per segment for a seat reservation in Business Class considering the seat itself is the same, just the location.

Depending on the ticket price I wouldn’t worry too much about the change fees but overall one can say that Lufthansa is squeezing the lemon extremely tight in recent times. I’m surprised there are still many who choose Lufthansa over the competition, much of which offers services such as seat reservations in all classes free of charge.