Remember Not To Buy Heavy Duty Free Items In Dubai


It must have been a couple of years since I last time flew out from the Dubai in UAE (not transit) and hadn’t come across their rather draconian, what must be airport-specific, carry-on restrictions.

Sebastian already wrote two years ago (read more here) about extortion that takes place at the departure gates in Dubai, and I witnessed this yesterday.

The boarding pass stated that the business class limit would be two pieces with a total weight of 14 kilos, INCLUDING any possible duty-free.

I first didn’t realize what was going on at the gate as there were packaging trash everywhere. Then I noticed these two scales, which were manned by three/four employees checking the carry-on weights of apparently economy class passengers as they didn’t harass me. My computer bag alone weighs close ten or so kilos.

On the piece that Sebastian wrote in 2017, the duty-free items were not included in the cabin baggage limit, but this was the case with SriLankan. Better not buy liquids in Dubai if flying this airline as it is extremely easy to excess the paltry economy class limit that is likely half what I was entitled to.


I always find it amusing that some full-service airlines won’t allow carry-on bags that weigh more than 8 kilos when airlines such as BA don’t have any limit in place beyond that they cannot exceed the specified sizes

15-kilo carry-on is a hazardous item on SriLankan while it is wholly acceptable and safe on BA? This doesn’t make much sense.

I never exceed my total baggage limit, business class + extra elite allowances. Still, I rather not check in anything due to often excess wait at the carousel and the possibility of delayed/lost bags.