Klaus K Exits Design Hotels/Marriott Bonvoy Affiliation To Become Preferred Hotel

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Nordic Choice purchased Kämp Collection Hotels in Finland back in October, and they all became participating in the new owner’s loyalty program in November (read more here).

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Kämp Collection hotels are part of several hotel loyalty/guest recognition programs, including Design Hotels/Marriott Bonvoy, Small Luxury Hotels/Hyatt, Global Hotel Alliance, and Leading Hotels of The World. Klaus K’s affiliation with Design Hotels and Marriott Bonvoy will come to an end in 2019.

You can access Kämp Collection here.

Klaus K will exit Design Hotels and Marriott Bonvoy affiliation at the end of 2019 and will before part of Preferred Hotels (and their guest loyalty program).

There are no other changes planned at the moment, according to an email from the CEO of Kämp Collection.

All ten hotels are part of Nordic Choice, and eight will become part of Choice International, and you will soon be able to use Choice Privileges points at them.

Based on a quick search I made on Choice’s website, it appears that Kämp (Leading Hotels of the World) and St. George (Design Hotels/Marriott Bonvoy) are the two that are left out from the Choice Privileges participation.

Here’s a recap of the hotels:

  • Hotel Kämp (Leading Hotels of the World)
  • Hotel Lilla Roberts (Small Luxury Hotels of the World/Hyatt)
  • Hotel Haven (Small Luxury Hotels of the World/Hyatt)
  • Hotel St. George (Design Hotels – Marriott Bonvoy)
  • Hotel Fabian
  • Klaus K Hotel (Preferred Hotels)
  • GLO Hotel Airport (GHA Discovery)
  • GLO Hotel Kluuvi (GHA Discovery)
  • GLO Hotel Art (GHA Discovery)
  • GLO Hotel Sello (GHA Discovery)


This certainly is an interesting situation. You can soon use and earn Choice Privileges points at hotels that are also affiliated with SLH/Hyatt, Leading Hotels of the World, Preferred Hotels, and Global Hotel Alliance.

Regrettably, Klaus K will end its partnership with Design Hotels and Marriott Bonvoy. I have stayed at this specific hotel numerous times as I like the location and the elite treatment received (and the price is right most of the time).

When I looked at the Preferred Hotel’s loyalty program last time, it yielded a 2% rebate in terms of points earned and used. Why bother, as a consumer, with a program that requires 50 nights for a free one?

You have to remember that Hotel Kämp was part of SPG’s Luxury Collection for a long time before switching to Leading Hotels of the World.