Turkish Airlines Economy Beverage Options Changes In December 2019

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Turkish Airlines last week implemented beverage changes (read more here) affecting those traveling in economy and without any communication that unfortunately is not unusual for this airline.

The leaked information indicated that most hard liquor options would be eliminated systemwide while number of beers loaded for short/medium-haul flights would also be severely curtailed. It was unclear what changes there were for wine options.

I had a friend who flew with Turkish Airlines from Malta to Tallinn via Istanbul yesterday and today. Unfortunately, he got an op up for business on the first segment but was able to have a look at the economy offerings on the second segment.

It does appear that all hard liquor options such as vodka, gin, and rake have been eliminated. The trolley only included Ballantine’s whiskey. As this flight was catered from Istanbul and the outgoing segment, there were still beers available and several red and white wine bottles.


Not sure why the communication from Turkish Airlines is always non-existent? It would be ideal that these beverages changes are communicated to passengers promptly.

Like I said on the earlier piece, many airlines, unlike Turkish, have moved away from complimentary food and beverages on short (and some even medium-haul single-aisle ones) flights. It remains to be seen whether Turkish Airlines wishes to differentiate their product offering from competitors and if passengers are willing to pay for it.

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