It’s Back: Alaska Airlines “Ugly Christmas Sweater” Priority Boarding Campaign On December 20, 2019

Alaska Airlines has brought back their “Wear Your Ugly Christmas Sweater” campaign on December 20th where those passengers who are donning their own ugly sweater receive priority boarding.

This is the second time Alaska runs this rather unique holiday promotion that might bring some smiles on passengers faces during a usually troublesome travel period.

Passengers receive the priority benefit only on December 20th of this year and have to wear the sweater upon boarding.

You can access Alaska Airlines Newsroom site with the announcement here.

Alaska Airlines is spreading holiday cheer by offering guests wearing any kind of holiday sweater priority boarding on Dec. 20, National Ugly Sweater Day. The one-day promotion will be celebrated by guests and employees alike and includes all Alaska and Horizon Air flights.

Alaska is celebrating the holidays throughout December, with festive décor and boarding music, as well as free holiday movies to help flyers have a merry flight.

“We know holiday travel can be stressful for some, which is why we’ve made sure flying with the ‘merrier carrier’ this time of year is an experience that brings nonstop joy to all our guests. We love going above and beyond to make your trip memorable; celebrating Ugly Sweater Day is just another way we’re making the holidays a priority,” said Natalie Bowman, Alaska Airlines’ managing director of marketing and advertising.

This year, Alaska is getting in the holiday spirit with a festive holiday-themed plane dubbed the “Snowplane,” which is flying across the airline’s network through the winter ski season. Additionally, Alaska Lounges will feature holiday-inspired beverages and cocktails, including snowflake sprinkled lattes and peppermint mochas, along with a special hot toddy cocktail available on National Ugly Sweater Day. Guests can learn how Alaska “holidays” and check out this year’s holiday sweater design on the Alaska Airlines’ blog.

There are some really ugly designs for Christmas sweaters out there but somehow I’m digging the Alaska Airlines designs they have on their website:

For the third year, guests dressed in fly holiday gear get priority boarding Dec. 20 on all Alaska Airlines flights.

The brighter, light blue ones pictured above were on their site from last year. Depending on what floats your boat maybe it’s an inspiration for your own collection!?


Nice of Alaska Airlines to keep the Christmas spirit alive by continuing these campaigns.

Just for one day this will make the pool of priority boarding customers a little bit bigger but I doubt too many folks will partake in it. If you fly Alaska Airlines on the 20th and come across these boarding announcements maybe take a quick picture or video and upload it to Twitter.