Accor ALL Earning Points For Restaurant Spend When Not Staying


Accor ALL launched earlier this year a demo that allowed members to earn points for wining and dining at a limited number of hotel outlets when not staying.

ALL Restaurants

Now, this offer has been expanded to a more significant number of properties, and the crediting of points is entirely automated. You do need to have your used credit cards on file with Accor and check what type of payments the hotel support (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express) under this program.

You can access Accor Live Limitless page for Restaurants here.

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Note that you earn 1 Accor ALL point per Euro charged. This represents a 2% return in points for the money spent.

Here are the instructions from Accor ALL:

1 – Go into “My account” in the Accor All app.

2 – Register a credit card (American Express, Visa).

3 – Click on “Link card to earn Reward points”.

4 – Check if your favourite restaurant or bar is participating* in the offer.

And here the participating hotels as of now (December 13, 2019):

Download (PDF, 258KB)

Note that you need to pay attention to the supported payment card type.


I like how the earning of points have been made easy, and crediting of them is automated. This, however, creates a problem for those with several cards. Could be a challenge to ensure that they are always on file with Accor ALL.

Accor could have been more generous on the number of points issued for F&B spend. Marriott gives members discounts and the usual amount of points (10 per USD) even when you are not staying.