Hilton Honors Milestone Bonus Issues?


We have received emails from several readers who have had issues with their Hilton Honors Milestone bonuses that were introduced last year.

Hilton Honors Milestone Bonus

Milestone bonus allows members to earn additional 10,000 points for every 10 consumed nights starting at 40. Members will also receive an extra bonus of 30,000 points when they reach 60 nights (40,000 points when these two bonuses are combined.

You can access Hilton’s page for Milestone bonuses here.

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Note that only nights that are consumed within the calendar year count towards the Milestone bonus. Nights that are possibly rolled from the previous years do not.

Hilton is having some IT issues when they display the number of nights required for each bonus.

Here’s response that one reader received from Hilton Guest Assistance:

Kindly be advised that I have reviewed your account and I can confirm that you have completed a total of 48 nights so far this calendar year. Therefore, you must complete a total of 12 nights in order to reach your 60th night Milestone and receive the 40,000 Milestone bonus points.

Please allow me to explain that the system is automatically counting nights for overlapping stays/rooms. This has resulted in a higher nights total being visible on your account. Please see below the affected stays on your account:


I wanted to share this with you as it is important to note that even though we have a system issue going on right now, once it is fixed, your night count will be updated so we wanted to make sure you were aware of this. We are sorry for the misguided information and are working hard to fix this issue for all members quickly.

As always, thanks for traveling with us and please let us know if you have any other questions. You can reach us any time at HiltonHonors@hilton.com.

It seems that the main culprits that throws the counter off on the website are overlapping stays or stays where member has received points for more than one room (only one room should count towards status and Milestone bonus).

The counter incorrectly shows that points would be due, but they don’t merely post. Hilton must have a different system that credits the Milestone bonuses that is separate from the counter on the website.


It is somewhat surprising that Hilton Honors still hasn’t fixed this issue that has plagued many accounts since the beginning of the year. I believe that the counter first incorrectly showed the roll-over nights counting towards the bonuses, but this was promptly corrected.

The issue that the reader is facing here affects not only the Milestone bonus but also qualifying for the Diamond status. We have requested clarification from Hilton Honors and will do an update once we hear something.

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