Your Accor Live Limitless Thoughts?


Accor launched its ALL – Accor Live Limitless loyalty program last week that was a rebrand of Le Club AccorHotels with some extra benefits.

Accor Live Limitless Mosaic

A reader left a comment on the piece that we published yesterday about their thoughts of the Accor ALL launch, and it wasn’t overly positive.

Here’s a reader comment left to the Accor ALL Dining piece yesterday (access here):

The whole ALL rebrand is a complete waste of oxygen. I just had a stay at a Pullman (and mind you I didn’t see any mention of ALL anywhere in the hotel even though they have had the whole year to prepare) and they couldn’t even get the online check-in right. Accor should be concentrating on getting the basics right instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.

Also, Accor’s advertising and branding is quite convoluted. I am engaged with the Accor brand, yet when I look at their website all I see is a whole lot of mumbo jumbo. The current video on their homepage features a shirtless guy dancing, a woman holding some asparagus, and a grey haired lady winking – this has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Accor’s core business of providing hotel rooms to guests. I call it for what it is – complete marketing BS!!!

As someone who stays 100+ a year at hotels I would have thought I would be the key target audience for their loyalty program. However, I give the re-brand a huge thumbs down and it is just one more reason why I am reducing the number of stays at Accor properties.

This is now a second rebrand in this decade. First from A Club to Le Club AccorHotels and now from Le Club AccorHotels to ALL – Accor Live Limitless.

Here are some issues that I see:

1. Consumers are confused

There are no Accor branded hotels like there are Marriott (Marriott Bonvoy), Hilton (Hilton Honors), or Hyatt (World of Hyatt).

An average consumer staying at a Sofitel or an Ibis has no clue about the name of the company behind. IHG has this same issue, although there are InterContinental Hotels, but they don’t spell out the IHG name (InterContinental Hotels Group).

2. Name too long

The loyalty program should have a short and clear name. Is it Accor Live Limitless, ALL – Accor Live Limitless, Accor ALL, or something else? All of these besides Accor ALL are too complicated for branding purposes and customer recognition.

3. Expansion

Accor has been buying hotel brands and unrelated business over the past few years and invested in others. Only the time will tell if this has been the right approach. Accor Live Limitless tries to bring them all under one umbrella.

4. Brands

Does a hotel company need close to 40 accommodation brands? Can consumers or even Accor distinguish between all of them? How is Accor able to get hotels to follow the brand standards?

Accor ALL Brands


I feel that this rebrand/reset doesn’t resolve any of the issues that Accor has with its loyalty program, of which the name was the most immaterial.

Accor program doesn’t compare favorably with confirmed elite benefits department (none basically) with any of their competitors (Hilton, Marriott, IHG, and Hyatt), and customer service also has issues.

French companies can come up with very creative concepts and brilliant advertising, but lack in the implementation and execution department. When I was looking at this reel that the reader is referring to on Accor’s website, it reminded me of the JOON launch by Air France, millennial-focused airline concept that has already been scrapped.

Accor should have spend the money getting the IT and customer service functions in order. It almost feels like someone at the HQ needed one more bullet point to polish his/her resume, and this was it.